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The Physical Performance Hub - Rehab Pathway
The Physical Performance Hub - Rehab Pathway

Injury Rehabilitation Packages

Combine all the disciplines to get you back to full fitness safely and ready to go.

How does it work?

The Physical Performance Hub - Rehab Pathway

Initial Stages

Matt our rehab specialist will assess your injury and determine a best course of action in conjunction with our physical performance coaches. This is where physical testing will come in to determine initial strength markers using equipment such as our force platforms, and a rehab plan will be put together specifically for you.

Secondary Stages

Matt will re-asses the injury at the crucial stages and together with the physical performance coaches they will guide you through your rehab plans in structured strength & conditioning session at The Hub or on the pitch. The staff will re-test your strength markers at the crucial stages throughout the journey giving you quantifiable reassurances that you are on the right track towards return to sport.

Additional Stages

Ensure you are maximising your rehab effectiveness with our multi-disciplinary team of specialists.

Psychological support plays a crucial role in a players effective return from injury. Fran is on hand to help and support you throughout your journey. Fran has helped hundreds of professional and academy footballers to bounce back from setbacks, injuries and more. And, she is here to help you do the same. 

Nutritional support is a pivotal part of not just sport but injuries as well. Injuries require specific nutritional interventions either through dietary changes or supplementation. Liam is our nutritional know it all, currently completing a Masters in Applied Sport Nutrition and is also supporting AFC Bournemouth's academy players with their nutritional support as part of his role at the Premier League club. In addition to his expertise, through our network of professionals in elite sport we have consultants at other Premier League Clubs we can call upon if you require even more in depth nutritional support.

Final Stages

End stage assessments of the injury and physical strength markers are carried out by Matt and the physical performance coaches to ensure you're ready to go into more intense pitch based sessions, plyometrics, speed, strength and power work. Our physical performance coaches will be the main points of contact as they prepare you for the demands of your sport.


Specific change of direction, acceleration, deceleration and open-skill based sessions will make up the majority of this stage so you can feel confident and ready to step back into your sport.